Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing Person's Case? (News & Updates blog post!)

Well, not really. It's nice to be back to my blog. And I'm really sorry there was no explanation as to why I disappeared! Everything took a turn for the worst and I just had a breakdown about everything. My puppy was a ton of unexpected responsibility, but that wasn't what was so bad: I literally was stuck in my room every single day and still sort of am due to her anxiety. I can't leave her alone or she freaks herself out, and we keep trying to just to get her used to it but she has some of the worst separation anxiety cases I've ever seen. She can't handle separation, and worse yet: She can't handle being in cars. She gets car sick to the point of salivating everywhere and throwing up if she eats ANYTHING whatsoever. She'll also use the restroom if she gets too terrified and until we can afford a travel kennel we can't go anything with her in the car. She also tries to escape from the car if you open the door and will severely scratch you if you're sitting next to her, trying to claw her way out quite literally! :O Which is egads! painful~ So this also made life really difficult because my boyfriend was getting rather tired of having to go out alone every time he needed to go somewhere, he just missed me when he was out having to take care of him, plus he had to remember everything we needed while he was out because I couldn't get a hold of him to remind him. And it's hard to pick what you want to eat when you're trying to hurry and at the same time you can't be there to choose what you want when selection varies.
To add to this equation, I then had his 'rents breathing down my throat to clean the house and they have been really shitty towards us both as of lately. I'm not really sure why, but they have both been really cold and cruel as of lately. So every single day it was something else they wanted to bring up or argue about. All of this just led to me thinking somewhere along the lines of: I don't care what I'm eating as long as I'm eating. Plus, I didn't have the time to Food Journal thanks to housebreaking Oogie. I have to go outside all the time to walk her so there's little to no time for anything.
What's surprising about all of this? I somehow managed to not gain back that much weight. Only 5 pounds if that.
So I'm back for good. The reason why? I'm jeopardizing my health and my gender, and that doesn't work for me. So whether I like it or not, I have to do this. So even though I've been gone for 6 weeks, I don't really care because I felt like I was going insane right before I quit, and now I feel like I can think clearly again. If you hold that against me, I really don't give a shit and you can go on your way.
Either way, I'm back and I'll be blogging every day again, and perhaps even adding in new types of posts here and there.

♥ Eerie

P.S. I hope there are still people reading after all this! If you are, internet cookies for you!