Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 7: You've gotten through an entire week of calorie counting and you're still alive!

WOOHOO! I made it through an entire week of calorie counting and here's what I have to say about it: It is really easy to count your calories when you're out to eat in comparison to eating at home! Eating at home the first week whilst monitoring your calorie intake is an AWFUL idea as it will probably deter what little motivation towards weight loss you have at the very beginning of your journey. I recommend eating out to keep up with your calories instead.

So, onto some disappointing news: Whilst cleaning the other night, and having a few sips out of Joji's Southern Comfort and Coke, I accidentally hit the cup and spilled it ALL over my Food Journal. Luckily, I thought fast and separated the pages with paper from another notebook and didn't ruin my entire Food Journal, or my previous entries... However, it still depressed me so much I barely made the effort today to Food Journal, and I've got to stop letting myself get bummed out so easily...but I suppose all the effort put into Food Journaling and then spilling SoCo and Coke on the pages just kind of made me feel hopeless. ;_; My Food Journal is fine though, but I missed my morning weigh-in and didn't write my calories down from my breakfast/pick-me-up, and couldn't find the energy or effort after I ate dinner I was so depressed about it. Then, my sweet boyfriend encouraged me to keep going after I had a small monologue on how discouraged I was, and I realized how EASY it is, even with supportive friends, to let go of dieting even after a week, when your friends aren't nearby or part of your everyday life. I suppose I should thank God I have such a willing, patient, and encouraging boyfriend...but instead I'll just thank my lucky stars! ♥

Onto my Food Journal for the last day of my first week of calorie counting and kicking my bad soda drinking habit:

Day 7
27.03.11. Sunday

Morning weigh-in: (forgot it entirely)

5:00 PM Breakfast/pick-me-up/snack
♥ a Yoplait Light Strawberry Shortcake yogurt (110 calories)*
♥ 1 small/medium-sized banana (about 105 calories)

* This was NOT the best thing I've had yogurt-wise and I wouldn't recommend it for Strawberry shortcake just had more clumps of strawberries and tasted kinda funny. Plus it has 10 MORE calories than the other 100 calorie "Light" yogurt by Yoplait, and wasn't even worth THOSE.

Calorie subtotal: 215

7:00 PM Dinner @ home
♥ 8 fl. oz. of Mott's Apple Juice (120 calories)
♥ a couple spoonfuls of Green Giant's canned corn "Niblets" (guesstimating about 60 calories considering we added a tbsp. of Country Crock Cholesterol-Free spreadable butter but I had no where NEAR a serving of it)
♥ somewhere between a 2/3 cup or 1/2 cup of Idahoan "Four Cheese" Instant Mashed Potatoes (110 calories, prepared)
♥ guesstimating around 4 oz. of Nature's Basket boneless, skinless, 99% fat free, organic, all natural chicken tenderloin picked up at Walmart, cooked with steam, water, and 0 calorie seasoning (110 calories give or take)

Calorie subtotal: 615

11:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ 46 Tropical Typhoon Mike and Ike's Fat Free candy pieces (23 pieces = 140 calories, 46 = 280 calories)
♥ 8 fl. oz. Mott's Apple Juice (120 calories)

Calorie total: 1,015
Bedtime weigh-in: 221.0 lbs.

NOTES: I made it through a week of calorie counting! It was too late when we woke up to go to the nearby park to hike! But I have only had ONE ENTIRE SODA THIS ENTIRE WEEK! Still going to keep with my 3 week program to make sure I don't revert back to soda, but I must find a way to incorporate exercise! I stayed REALLY under my daily limit for calories.

I'm feeling really tired tonight, thanks to a Sleep Aid I picked up since I haven't been able to sleep so I can be awake during the day! I'm so ahead schedule with kicking soda but I really recommend that no matter what anyone tells you about the sugar in juice is to switch over to it whilst trying to kick your soda habit if you have had a really bad addiction like me. (I've been hooked to sodas for 3 entire years and it has gained me 40 lbs. along with my eating habits.) I'm already seeing a weight change from leaving it out of my diet though, and I think it's great considering most people say they do. For the next week I really want to try to eat more meals during the day, and smaller portions. I'm even going to start brushing my teeth early at night to help influence my decision of eating after that point since from my journal I can see that I snack A LOT. I want to eat lesser proportions and make sure that I'm eating yogurt, or fruit for snacks instead of sweets, but I think all the cravings for them come from cutting soda out of my diet. I don't mind eating those things right now, as I eat nowhere NEAR enough to make a difference since I'm monitoring my calorie intake, but I would rather eat sweets anyways instead of drinking a soda because of the tooth decay and stomach lining issues I have from drinking soda.

Goals for this week:
1. Stay AT LEAST under 1,400 calories instead of 1,500 per day.
2. Only allow myself 2 sodas this entire week, no more than that.
3. Eat more fruits and veggies for snacks when I am hungry instead of things that I feel are bad for me.
4. Try to exercise 30 minutes a day, at least 3 days this week.
5. Make a trip to the nearby park to hike on Sunday.

Sweet dreams! XOXO

EDIT: No pictures tonight since I was feeling so bummed during the day and forgot to take any! I really hope no one minds, but I'm doing so well I figure you guys won't. I also didn't review a low-calorie recipe today, but my dinner today was simple and low-calorie. I really recommend trying to eat something like that if you have to eat at home. My chicken was super moist without ANY oil whatsoever, and no added calories for seasoning! Those mashed potatoes were also low on calories and took no time to make. I really recommend things like that as well! <3

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