Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 9, Week 2: A little change goes a long way.

I've got nothing much to say. I wanted to get up early today and set my alarm, but thanks to alarming dreams and being so anxious, I woke up so many times I had to sleep all day to gain it all back. My body is starting to feel exhausted all the time from this. But I want to go sculpt for CSC, so I'm just going to get on with my Food Journal for today. :)

Day 9, Week 2
29.03.11. Tuesday

Morning weigh-in: 217.2 lbs. (Holy CRAP I haven't weighed in this light in a year and a half!)

6:30 PM Dinner @ Chipotle
♥ a barbacoa fajita burrito bowl w/ sour cream & cheese (guesstimating 590 calories since they gave me more rice than usual)
♥ 2 8 fl. oz. cups of water (0 calories!)

Calorie subtotal: 590

9:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ 34 Mike & Ike's (210 calories)

This is what a serving of Mike & Ike's looks like. (23 Mike & Ike's = 1 serving, 1 serving = 140 calories)

♥ a Kashi TLC "Trail Mix" chewy granola bar (140 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 940

11:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ 27 CHEEZ-ITs (a serving, 150 calories)

This is what a serving of CHEEZ-ITs looks like. It's really filling and you can eat more than what you can calorie wise in potato chips! It's great for those trying to replace junk foods, and they even have reduced fat CHEEZ-ITs for those who want EVEN less calorie intake! (1 serving of CHEEZ-ITs = 27 CHEEZ-ITs, 27 CHEEZ-ITs = 150 calories!)

♥ a 8 fl. oz. glass of Mott's Apple Juice (120 calories)

Calorie total: 1,260
Bedtime weigh-in: 219.8 lbs. (with clothes)

NOTES: I stayed well beneath my calorie goal for today, but didn't get a chance to exercise because I woke up so late. Oh well! I'm still impressed with how great my results are coming along from just dropping soda!

I'm so shocked at the fact that after just a week, I weigh-in under 221 almost every time now. And I have to stress that I feel SO much better than I did when I wasn't monitoring my calorie intake and drinking 2 20 oz. sodas a day if not more. I also don't eat a lot of ground beef because of how many calories it can rack up, but I have noticed how wonderful I feel aside from the exhaustion from not sleeping right.

Sweet dreams~

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