Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Beginning Blooms

Well, at least one can hope, correct? On Monday I will begin down a long, hard road towards weight loss success! And to guiding you down the very same as well! I will start with a weigh in on Monday and then I will start on my own weird little plan I've come up with to succeed. So, before all that, terrifyingly tragic fun we will be getting onto, I'm going to introduce myself! So here goes!

My name is Illiad Ambrose Biernot. I am 20 years old. There's nothing really special about me to talk about. I am 5'2 or 3 and I weigh...a lot. (I know that I am by technical standards overweight.) My self-esteem is terrible. I was born August 14, 1990 and am accordingly a Leo. I was also born genetically female, but I am an FTM. I love piercings, and tattoos, and I think it's safe to say that my mother was probably wrong when she said "It's just a phase." I plan on getting a couple of surgery modifications, but I guess I just view it as a part of the process of becoming "myself". My favorite color is purple. I have a boyfriend. I love video games, and movies, but video games FAR MORE. I enjoy thrifting way too much. I live in the middle of NOWHERE. Literally. I can walk five minutes from where I am and see corn fields for miles. I have depression amongst several other issues. I'm currently addicted to nail polish. This is my first blog.

Things I will be writing on/about: dieting, exercising, weight loss, weight, nutrition, major weight loss, thrifting for chubby girls and boys, thrifting for people that are losing weight, thrifting for the poor, thrifting in NE OH or North East Ohio, thrifting locations, Salvation Army, Goodwill, make-up, drug store make-up, make-up reviews, NYC, Wet N' Wild, skin care, nail polish, nail polish reviews, hair color/style for alternative kids, dread installation, dreads, style, alternative style/clothing, alternative style for chubby people who are/are not seeking to lose weight, piercing, piercing care, tattoos, tattoo care, body modification, body modification care, piercing/tattoo/body modification in North East Ohio, FTM lifestyle, chubby FTMs lifestyle, fashion for FTMs, sexuality, open relationships, gender, gender and it's relationship with style, food, restaurants, restaurant reviews in North East Ohio, general restaurant reviews, food reviews, recipes, recipe reviews, bento, travel, music, concert-going, video gaming, video game reviews, books, book reviews, and many other things in between.

I know fashion and am accordingly, fabulous. Take this as a warning for I post a lot of things that are fierce.

I hope you enjoy my blog and all I have to tell you.

And to all the wallflowers, may you prosper and bloom from the words I write. Here we go...


  1. Looking forward to reading through this 'endeavor' of sorts with you! Good luck! <3

  2. I know you will do so so well my dear <3

  3. @hyperdelirium Hey there! Great to see you here and looking forward to having you as a reader! <3 And thank you oh so much!

    @Prince Joji Thank you for believing in me! <3 It's wonderful to have you in my support network.