Thursday, March 24, 2011


Whether you're looking to lose nearly 100 lbs. or just a couple, some of these things could really help you, and I figured since I know I've just been blogging my Food Journal posts and not really providing outright tips that this is going to be a mini-tip blog post.

Stop drinking soda, and alcohol.
Whether you quit gradually, or just reduce your intake of both parties. You'll notice you will stop gaining pounds. It's loaded with sugar and calories.

Keep a food diary or journal.
Nothing like reading exactly how many calories you consumed or how many of those Little Debbie cakes you had at the end of the day after a stressful day of work. Writing down every single thing you put in your mouth makes you much more conscious of what you put in your mouth, how much, and when you eat. It also is great for figuring out your food habits and wonderful when you're in a snacking mood.

Weigh yourself often.
Getting to know how your metabolism works and how your body collects weight puts it into perspective and keeps you from going back for seconds and thirds. It also reinforces weight loss, and keeps you goal-oriented.

Put down the remote.
Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't ever give yourself some leisure time, but have you ever noticed how mindless you become sitting in front of a TV? You're less likely to get back up once you sit down, if you're snacking you'll overeat, and to top it off, once you start following a series, you're less likely to go workout while trying to find out who Tim is seeing behind Jessica's back! It's dangerous stuff. The best option is to watch less TV, or do it while at the gym as most cater towards that now. (Even the YMCA!) Better yet if you work out at home, move an elliptical in front of that TV, and enjoy! Just don't get off of it!

Cut calories.
Consume fewer calories and be calorie conscious and you'll start losing weight. I have cut my calorie-intake from Monday to Thursday and I have gone from 221 to 218. And I haven't even exercised yet! Think of how many calories will come off then! You can cut calories when you go out to eat by simply eating less! Split it in half, and take it home to heat up for lunch the next day.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar.
Eat a heavier breakfast so that you'll be less likely eat more at dinner time. This method also makes you snack less! I can go in between meals without really feeling hungry and even though I'm dieting, I NEVER go to sleep hungry! And even if you're dieting, you should NEVER be hungry by the time you hit the sack!

I hope you liked my tips!


  1. Oh, I always work till late evening so usually I'am starving when I come home. But I still try not to eat much, especially meat products. I get nightmares if I do. And breakfast are not always included into my day course. I go to work at 8 a.m. and my tummy is still sleeping at that time. But I know that if you'll stop eating after 6 p.m. ( you can have some light snacks and tea)the weight will start to melt too. Of course it's quite hard for first week or two :( So if I want to eat badly in the late evening I always say to myself that I'll be able to eat whatever I want in the morning :D
    Good luck with it.

  2. @Audronasha How strange! I get nightmares if I eat dairy products before I fall asleep! I made the mistake last night actually! I'm going to try to stop eating right before I fall asleep too since that's a bad habit I'm discovering through Food Journaling this week. That's a great trick though! :D Thanks for the tip!

  3. I think the best thing you can do for your weight loss is to actually scrap the scale or to keep it away until you must must weigh yourself, in my weight loss when I was in the states I found that having a scale around actually messed with my mind on how I was eating stuff, It was weird. I wish you well on your weight loss! and you shouldn't stress too much on yourself about it. It's not you it's your food. I moved out of the states at my heaviest at about 220 and I moved here to chile and lost a ton of weight with minimal effort, in fact I eat more now then I did in the states. My mom also suggests to eat more times during the day but tinier portions.

    derp, good luck!

  4. @The Alebat Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm seeing results in what I'm doing. I think it differs for everyone. I'm just telling people what I'm doing. <3 That's insane! I am trying to eat tinier portions and more during the day but thanks to my screwed up sleeping schedule I don't know if it'll be possible for a bit. Oh well. Thank you! :D