Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

I woke up this afternoon to hear the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor had died.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a HUGE fan of her, or her work. I wasn't some great follower who had everything that was ever made with her involved...
She was 79, and as of right now the known cause was congestive heart failure. She died in the hospital, with her children by her bed. Though, as those of us know who live in America, it won't be long before the media milks it for all it's worth coming up with some terrible story and hurting all the people she loved who were in her life.
I don't know much about Elizabeth Taylor, and I never idolized her growing up.
However, I will say this:
Elizabeth Taylor will be deeply missed, as being one of the very last true "old" Hollywood Stars, and although most of us tend to remember the everlasting impression her many marriages left, her presence was undeniable. She was a role model for celebrities, voicing her ACTUAL support of Michael Jackson when he was accused of molestation, because she called him 'friend'. Drag queens would kill to have her looks, and for a very good reason: she was iconic to America and more than average pretty, she was beautiful.

However you may see her, you can't deny how beautiful she was.
Rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor.

And don't worry, I'll still be posting today. I just wanted to make this a separate post!

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