Monday, April 18, 2011

An apology for a week of not posting! (Updates, questions for the readers, etc.)

So on Saturday night, my boyfriend's step-sister went into the hospital for problems related to smoking whilst on oxygen. For the past week, we have been between the hospital and home cleaning to make room for the newest member of our family. We decided to get a puppy about a week and a half ago, and have been preparing for the change in our lives to make room for a puppy who needed a home. The woman we had been communicating with was asking 40 dollars for puppies she had rescued from an Amish man who had been breeding a Catahoula and a Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle dog. She had rescued four, 2 males and 2 females if I remember correctly. The situation was heartbreaking to hear, but the man, being Amish, could not sell these dogs, and was starving them. The woman who we got her from, got her lumber from this man, and came to know about the dogs, and then found out something worse: he had been starving them hoping that they would die so he would not have to pay to raise them. So, at only 2 months old, the woman was forced to rescue the puppies, take them into her home, pay for vet visits, and find homes for them. She herself was a person who breeds pappillons amongst a couple other breeds of dogs, and paid for vaccinations and food until she could find homes for them. 4 months later a female and male had sold, leaving a 6 month old male and female to find homes. The male sold on Friday, and when we were able to drive (about an hour) to see them, we were inquiring about the female who was the last of her litter to go. We got there on Sunday she came out to meet us with a dog who had no name, but was incredibly shy. Within fifteen minutes, she was close to me, staring me in the eyes and had her front paws on my hips, staring up at me while standing on her hind legs. We decided to take her home with us, paid the woman the money for housing and vaccine (a measily $40.00 USD), and signed some papers to seal the deal. She was so incredibly scared since she hadn't been in a car since she was taken to the woman's farm, she even pooped on the seat! It was so sad but so cute. We named her Oogie,
and since she's been in her new home, I've been spending lots of time helping her adjust. She's incredibly sweet and didn't even bother anything while we were asleep even though she had access to everything, and didn't use the restroom inside even though she ate a bowl of food and drank two bowls of water before bedtime.

This is the photo that Joji took of her yesterday when we brought her home.

She hasn't really been a handful, the only problem being that she really can't handle car rides, but we have to get her able to handle car rides. Poor thing threw up today on the way over to the hospital so that mom could get blood work done. We took her to PetCo afterwards to get her another new toy, a clicker for training, and a couple cookie treats since she seems to like them more than the ones we first bought her. (They are peanut butter training treats, and are tiny and mushy...not sure if she cares for that.) We bought her a ham bone, two collars, a leash, a rubber bone squeaky toy (since it seems she's slightly teething still), and a tennis ball. We also are waiting on a name tag we bought online and a crate we also bought with the money Joji got back after that nasty dispute with that online gender therapist. So, after all that hard puppy-proofing work, my work isn't done, I'm taking her out constantly and giving her lots of love, whilst making sure she knows her boundaries (i.e. trying to chew on the computer cord). Speaking of which, did I mention she HATES baths? I'm not sure if it's the shower head or maybe she is claustrophobic? The shower is pretty closed in since it has shower doors...I'm not sure but it might be she's never had one because MAN did she struggle with me even trying to scrub her. But anyways, that's why I haven't been posting as much!

I just want to apologize to those avid readers. I really haven't meant to put my blog so on hold. I'm going to start posting everyday again. But now I have a couple questions for you, the readers:

Is anyone reading vegan/vegetarian or interested in being vegan/vegetarian while calorie counting, and if so, would you be interested in a "Meatless Monday" article?

Is anyone reading interested in reviews pertaining to trying frozen food entrees for weight loss, based on taste, in an article titled "Frozen Fridays"? Would you find it helpful for fixing food that is low-calorie in a timely manner because of a busy schedule?

Even still, I might do these regardless to opinions, but I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in these types of things.

Alright, now I'm going to update my Food Journal posts. ♥!

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