Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 27, Week 4: No pain, no gain...right?

XD Weird title, but I feel like it deserved it. Not much to say about my Saturday as it was HIGHLY uneventful. (We don't have friends who hang out very often, and those who do seem to tire of our we're almost ALWAYS bored, and almost always not able to go anywhere, since my boyfriend's parents are always giving excuses as to why we can't go out, but they refuse to help him get his license, then get mad when we ask them to take us somewhere out of town...) It was a highly stressful day because dad was having chest pains, and then everyone got into a it just ended up getting worse and worse until finally we went out over to Starbucks and then went to PetCo to get our new puppy a collar and leash to make sure we were prepared for the following day. I guess I'm not MEANT to have a social life, or something...onto my Food Journal for the day:

Day 27, Week 4
16.04.11. Saturday

1:00 AM Snack
♥ 1 small bag of Doritos (240 calories)
♥ 2 "Frosted Cherry" pop-tarts (400 calories)
♥ 1 7.5 fl. oz. can of Coke or Coca-Cola (90 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 730

Morning weigh-in: 214.4 lbs.

♥ 7/8 of a bottle of "Fruit Punch" Powerade (175 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 905

5:00 PM Dinner @ home
♥ Lean Cuisine Steamer Garlic Chicken w/ vegetables in a parmesan sauce w/ noodles (270 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 1,175

8:30 PM Starbucks
♥ 1 venti white chocolate mocha iced coffee w/ nonfat milk and w/o whipped cream (460 calories)

Calorie total: 1,635
Bedtime weigh-in: 217.0 lbs.

NOTES: I failed my calorie goal today and most of the week and also failed my soda and junk food goals for the week. I must attempt them again in the upcoming week to succeed in those areas in order to lose weight in the long run by teaching myself healthier eating habits.

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