Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 15, Week 3: The beginning of your 3rd week dieting!

So far I've went from 221.0 lbs. to 214.2 at the beginning of my official 3rd week dieting. This is turning out to be a success story. You know my biggest thing to conquer? Being able to get full body photos of myself without feeling hideous... I love taking photos of my face, but not my body...and I haven't for 3 years now. I've avoided full-length mirrors and full body photos of myself almost like one tries to avoid an untimely death! I cannot believe that I've been sticking to this for 2 weeks and I'm so proud of myself, and find my boyfriend and friends proud of me too. And you know my biggest secret? I am refusing to hold back or give up even in the face of disappointment. The scale says I'm a pound heavier? Minor loss, but I don't need to mope and whine about it. Instead I decide to take a more active approach.

Onto my Food Journal so that I don't keep blubbering:

Day 15, Week 3
04.04.11. Monday

Morning weigh-in: 214.2 lbs.

5:00 PM Dinner @ Bob Evans
♥ 1 glass of Cherry Coca-Cola or Coke (125 calories per glass, no refills)
♥ a "Chicken Noodle Deep Dish" bowl (699 calories)
♥ 3 small glasses of water (maybe 8 fl. oz.? 0 calories!)

Calorie subtotal: 824

5:30 Snack
♥ 1/2 a biscuit from Bob Evans (130 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 954

11:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ 4 fl. oz. of Mott's Apple Juice (60 calories)
♥ a Kashi TLC "Trail Mix" chewy granola bar (140 calories)
♥ 1 Yoplait Light Strawberry Yogurt (100 calories)

Calorie total: 1,254
Bedtime weigh-in: 215.6 lbs.

NOTES: I stayed under my new calorie goal for this week today, drank my only allowed soda for this week, and walked very little today due to "Tornado Season" and REALLY bad weather. I walked about 15 minutes around inside of Walmart grabbing a couple essentials, but that was all. I also managed to keep with drinking plenty of water whilst waiting for my food at Bob Evans instead of ordering some high-in-fat appetizer or side dish.

Yay! Done with my Food Journal posts for tonight!

One last note, is that I am VERY sorry for a lack of photos lately. I'll get back to taking photos to keep this blog interesting. I also still have not heard back from the girl who is doing the interview for the blog, and I wanted to apologize for not posting my nail polish review today.

Things to look forward to in upcoming blogs, a nail polish review to make up for the one I missed, some photos of my latest creations at CSC, and maybe a post about thrifting when overweight and Salvation Army!

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