Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 32, Week 5: Thursday, Thursday, Thursday...

Thursday's are never really interesting around here.
Really though! There isn't anything to do and my puppy's crate wasn't here yet so there really wasn't anything to do, and nothing we could do since my puppy has such bad separation anxiety that we had began sending one of us to run errands and the other has to watch puppy and keep her company. Poor baby. I'm not sure what we're going to do with her. :(
The only thing really special was that today was Robert Smith's birthday! (He turned 52 today.) I love The Cure and I'm pretty thankful Mr. Smith was born or else there would be no "disintegration", and I love that album! Happy Birthday Robert Smith! My boyfriend is a HUGE Cure fan. And I mean HUGE. His love for them introduced me to them back in 2007/2008, and I didn't really enjoy them until 2009. But man do I really love them. It's all thanks to the boyfriend though! We both celebrated by wearing messy make-up. XD I wore messy red lipstick and the boyfriend wore messy black eyeshadow. It was very, very silly.

A photo of Robert Smith of The Cure, who's birthday it is today! Not sure where we found this photo or who credit belongs to. But if you know, let me know! XD

Onto my Food Journal, since I've babbled beyond belief:

Day 32, Week 5
21.04.11. Thursday

2:00 AM Snack @ home
♥ pack of 2 "Wild Berry" pop-tarts (420 calories)

Morning weigh-in: 212.0 lbs.

4:30 PM Dinner @ Chipotle
♥ a barbacoa fajita burrito bowl w/ cheese and sour cream (about 540 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 960

9:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ a pack of 2 "Ice Cream Sandwich" pop-tarts (380 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 1,340

10:15 PM Snack @ home
♥ 1 1 and 3/8 oz. bag of Baked! Doritos Nacho Cheese (170 calories)
♥ 3/4 a 13.5 fl. oz. bottle of "Simply Limeade" (about 142)

Calorie subtotal: 1,652
Bedtime weigh-in: 212.0 lbs.

NOTES: I went over calorie today by quite a bit, (even over the daily limit!), but I don't really care because today was a kinda shitty day. Oh well!

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