Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 11, Week 2: Is the scale lying to me?

"One should eat to live, not live to eat."
~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV

I'm starting to notice I am dropping almost a pound everyday. It doesn't hurt either when you're trying to lose weigh, as long as you don't lose above 7 pounds a week. But be careful! Losing 7 pounds a week without toning will leave you flabby, and if you have been at that weight for a while, you REALLY should start toning as soon as you start dropping the weight to avoid being flabby. (I have been at 180 and up since I was 13-14! I am 20 now! That is nearly 6-7 years of being at a weight and skin being stretched...) Onto my Food Journal:

Day 11, Week 2
31.03.11. Thursday

1:00 AM Snack while sculpting
♥ 1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bar (160 calories)

Morning weigh-in: 215.0 lbs.

4:30 PM Pick me up
♥ a Kashi TLC "Trail Mix" chewy granola bar (140 calories)
♥ 23 "Tropical Typhoon" Mike & Ike's (140 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 440

6:00 PM Dinner @ Chipotle
♥ a barbacoa fajita burrito bowl w/ sour cream & cheese (guesstimating 600 calories because one of the girls working gave me extra meat on accident)
♥ 2 8 fl. oz. cups of water (0 calories!)

Calorie subtotal: 1040

9:00 PM Snack while washing dishes
♥ a cup of Swiss Miss Hot Milk Chocolate (made w/ water)(120 calories)
♥ 3 Fat Free offbrand Devil's Food Cake Cookies (150 calories)

Calorie total: 1310
Bedtime weigh-in: 217.2 lbs.

NOTES: I stayed beneath my calorie goal again! I didn't take a 30 minute walk though I really should have, but I was too busy washing dishes from the time we got back home to the time we went to bed nearly. (Somewhere around 4-5 hours.) But you burn calories doing dishes! And I found a website to help me calculate at my weight how many calories I burned. (Found here if you're interested.) I burned 877 calories doing dishes so I still got some burning calorie exercise in there!

It's exciting to start seeing results in your changes to your diet! But don't be discouraged if you weigh yourself twice a day, or more, by the fluctuation in your weight before you sleep. And remember to get 6-8 hours because you burn calories in your sleep. (Especially in the deepest parts of your sleep.)

I hope you guys are still reading since I have one more update for today to add. Sorry for the multiple updates because I had to catch up! I will not get behind on Food Journal updates ever again thanks to how much work this is to catch up!

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