Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday Shopping! (My shopping haul and just life in general.)(Picture heavy!)

I received these in the mail Saturday morning, as I had ordered them earlier in the week. These are supposed to be my next stretch, 7/16" or 000, since I'm at 00 currently.

However, I'm not quite sure what to make of the size difference because it's only supposed to be a one mm difference, but it doesn't look like it. It looks like a 2 mm difference. My ears aren't quite ready for a 2 mm stretch. So, I'm not sure if it's correct or not.

A pair of sunglasses picked up while thrifting in GoodWill. I originally couldn't have cared less, but the boyfriend made me try them on and then made me let him pay for them.

After picking up a new pair of vintage shades from GoodWill while thrifting. The boyfriend made me get them, but now I see why!

The lipstick my boyfriend bought me! I wonder what color it could be~?!

"Quite Cute"? I hope the color is "quite cute"! (Ignore the heart, but somehow I got a "fuzzy" or fuzzball on my fingertip and didn't notice it when I was taking the photo!)

The bottom of the new tube of lipstick!

Aren't I predictable? A light purple or lilac even! It's from the new collection released for Spring. I was surprised to find it at the counter since they don't have much make-up to choose from. (I personally enjoy perusing Sephora better, but I just visited the mall Saturday, and it turns out that we are in fact getting an AVEDA and a Sephora side by side very soon!)

What's this? A "Journey's" bag? I wonder what's inside!

A Converse box? Hmmm...I wonder what kind!

Tada! How expected! They're purple! (This is my first pair of "high-tops".)

A couple different views of my new pair of chucks, with and without flash so you get an idea of what color they actually are. I'm in love with them.

This past Saturday, I started the day on an awesome note, grabbing some SUBWAY and getting out of the house for a long walk. Then we made our way down to the local Rite Aid to peruse through make-up, and finally made a pit-stop at GoodWill. Then we walked about a mile and a half up to Joji's step-sister's apartment to hang out with her, her boyfriend, and Joji's mom. After a while, I got to go shopping with my boyfriend and his parents, since they got a downpayment back from paying for a new motor for his mom's jeep, and they had spent all their tax return money on that engine. Somehow this equated to them buying us stuff because they usually buy us something with the money from their tax return, so they asked us out to grab a bite to eat and then to shop. I got so caught up that I even forgot what I ate and then I walked all over the mall looking in shops, whilst the parents busied themselves picking up a couple items for our family pooch, Mochi.
Anyhow, I didn't expect anything, and was rather happy when my boyfriend decided to buy me a lipstick from the MAC counter at Macy's. However, my boyfriend asked for a pair of new converse and his mom told him she'd buy him some and she had been planning to anyways when they had got some money. Then, when we got back from purchasing his, (he got those really awesome monotone black converse), his mom surprised me by saying, "Oh shoot! You guys have to walk all the way back to the shoe place!" Both of us both immediately responded, "Why?" And she responded, "You forgot a pair of shoes for Eerie!" I was flabbergasted and pretty shocked since I haven't had a new pair of shoes in about a year or two. And I haven't had a new pair of converse since I was 15. I thrift for most of my clothes, as is, but it's nice to be able to afford something brand new every once in a while.

On a final note, I also ran out of my favorite cologne I've ever had. It's by Giorgio Armani, and I'm not sure what it was since it was from a used-to-be-friend. So, RIP my favorite cologne. You smelled so good, and some of my favorite memories are filled with the scent of you. <3 I'm still so attached I haven't tried to even throw it away, or harbor the makes me so sad.

Above: The top of my cologne bottle. Below: A photo of the front of the bottle.

And to summarize this post, a photo of a ring that means the world to me. Joji got it for me the month after our first anniversary. October. It was from Target, and I wore it so often it broke. At the time, I wasn't sure how to fix it and I was utterly heartbroken. I carried it around in my bookbag everywhere, terrified I would lose it. Then the other day I remembered this amazing glue we bought to put together our rings, and realized I could fix it. I was thrilled, and now I'm back to wearing it all the time. (Especially since I haven't seen anything like it since it broke!)

Isn't it beautiful? I love this ring more than I can express. But not more than I love my boyfriend.

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. I still have to post my empty Food Journal page and my weekly assessment. <3

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