Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 31, Week 5: I've finally officially lost 10 pounds!

Today was kinda weird. My boyfriend and I are still confined to the house because of Oogie and her separation anxiety. I really don't blame her though because she is just scared that we too will abandon her. She feels sorta worthless, and I find it quite cute. So we take turns staying with her when we need to get something since she also is really easily carsick. We walk her when it's something we can get in town. (We literally took turns eating in Subway the other day to make sure someone was with her. We don't like upsetting her. ; 3 ;)
Anyways, I was confined to the house so my boyfriend could get some air and grab us lunch since we've run out of groceries and haven't been able to shop because we're waiting on her crate to get here. :) That way we can go do simple stuff and try to calm her down and help her get over her separation anxiety. (Don't worry we aren't going to do anything drastic like leave her for a couple hours the first time she is in her crate, we will of course gradually introduce her to it.) So I didn't get to exercise because on top of all this my puppy's coat or fur is so short that she gets cold really easily and it was pretty chilly, too chilly to take her for a long walk.

Onto my Food Journal since I'm sure you guys don't want to hear anymore about my new puppy:

Day 31, Week 5
20.04.11. Wednesday

1:00 PM "Pick-me-up" @ home
♥ a pack of 2 "Wild Berry" pop-tarts (420 calories)

4:00 PM Lunch from PANDA (a local Chinese Restaurant)
♥ 2 spring rolls (about 400 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 820

5:00 PM
♥ 7/8 a bottle of Powerade (175 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 995

8:00 PM Dinner @ home
♥ a Lean Cuisine "Garlic Chicken" frozen meal (170 calories)
♥ a small bottle of Coke or Coca-Cola (130 calories after my boyfriend stole a sip)

Calorie subtotal: 1,295

9:00 PM Snack @ home
♥ 2 Hostess small/mini powdered donuts (120 calories)

Calorie total: 1,425
Bedtime weigh-in: 212.2 lbs.

NOTES: I went slightly over my calorie goal, had my 2nd soda (*tsk tsk*), and had my last "junk food" for the week. The soda wasn't my fault though since my boyfriend had to run to the grocery store last minute and he forgot to pick up anything to drink because the store was minutes from closing, so I had to drink what we had in the fridge and that was mini-Cokes. On the plus side, this morning I weighed in at exactly 10 lbs. less than when I first started my Food Journal and this is a MAJOR accomplishment. Although I'm really happy about it, I feel frustrated and slightly overwhelmed over small things like, how long it took me to get to this point even though I'm changing my eating habits and that isn't easy and I didn't plan on eating healthy the day I decided to make a major diet change. And the fact that my pants that I just recently bought in February really no longer fit whatsoever and I can't find a belt to fit my waist size yet in stores, but I really need one to hold up my pants. I might instead opt for wide ribbon and tie my pants on the good ol' ghetto fashioned way. I'm not sure why, but I find myself so easily depressed and overwhelmed at this point in my quest. I legitimately think this is the point where your mind plays tricks on you and you begin to secretly devalue your new way of life. But like Dumbledore says, "we must make the choice between what is right and what is easy", and this by no means is easy.

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of photos but it's thanks to having a new puppy and trying to help her adjust to her new setting/surrounding.
I hope you guys are happy I'm back to posting every day/still reading even though I disappeared for a little bit there!

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