Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Goal Assessment: End of Week 3/Beginning of Week 4

I fell behind on my calorie count goal by succumbing to temptation, but I have successfully kicked sodas for now it seems. I no longer find myself mindlessly drinking one soda after another or even wanting soda for that matter. Sometimes I want a soda with particular food, in specific greasy food, but I definitely don't see myself drinking 2 20 fl. oz. sodas a day like I did the month before this. I failed to keep my calorie count goal, but it is okay because I've done something extremely beneficial for my life by cutting soda until I lose most of my weight. I am incorporating exercise in my life with the weather warming up however, but I see a need for more exercise in my life as losing weight from dieting and not exercising at the same time can leave bad results.

New weekly goals:

1. Overcome my addiction to junk foods, (i.e. candy, chips, etc.), by limiting myself to 3 junk foods maximum this week, 2 junk foods maximum the next week, and 1 junk food maximum the week after that. It does not matter what size or what kind of junk food it is, only that adheres to my calorie count and is not a HUGE amount, (i.e. ONE candy bar, not two, ONE bag of chips, ONE serving of chips, etc.).

2. I will keep track of my soda intake & monitor myself so that I do not relapse back to "old habits" by limiting myself to ONE soda, regardless of size, weekly.

3. I will make time for exercise by assigning specific days and time slots for exercise only (i.e. Monday @ 3:00 PM, Wednesday @ 4:30 PM, etc.).

4. I will walk whenever possible.

5. I will limit my calorie intake to 1,400 a day.

6. I will write down what I eat, when I eat, (and where I eat it if possible), and not neglect to fill out my Food Journal for the day no matter the circumstance.

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