Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A photo post of Oogie, the newest member of our family and my boyfriend and I's puppy.

I just wanted to post a couple photos that my boyfriend has taken of Oogie since I've posted one already and figured you guys would like to know more about her and be kind of updated since I keep updating about her, here and there.

A photo of Oogie, taken by my boyfriend who can be found on dA or Deviantart at: here.

If you didn't read about her: here's her story.
Oogie as she's come to be known by us, at 2 months old was rescued by a woman who took a drastic measure after coming to get some lumber from an Amish man that she'd been getting her lumber from for a couple of years. She and her 3 other siblings were being starved by the man, in hope's that they would die from starvation after breeding their mother and father carelessly and then realizing that he did not want them and could not sell them because he is Amish. Her mother and father were a Catahoula and a Blue Heeler, respectively. They were in poor condition when this woman put her life in danger not knowing what diseases they might have had to take them into her home and pay for them until she could find homes for them. She gave them vaccinations and kept them in a barn since she herself breeds animals and did not have the room for them in the house as she is a loving pet owner of quite a few dogs herself. Little Oogie nipped her when she picked her up, being the only one who did, probably terrified that this woman was going to hurt her and scared of being separated from her mother and father. Anyhow, 4 months later, the puppies are perfectly healthy, and just this past Friday, Oogie's last sibling was sold, leaving her with no home just yet. We were told both of them were still available when we contacted the woman at the beginning of the week, asking her to hold at least the female so we could meet her and decide if she was the puppy meant for us because we had been looking for a puppy, just as fate would have it. We went to meet Oogie an hour's drive away and fell in love with her calm demeanor and her skittish behavior. She was really scared when we took her home, so scared that she pooped in the car on the seat and sat up against me because she hadn't been in a car since she was a puppy. Since then, she has been living with us, adapting to life as we find out her every little quirk. She has been nothing but good since she got her. She's still scared here and there, but she's really warmed up to the two of us since then. It's hard to think someone would try to starve her to death. Especially since she seems to try so hard to be a good dog to us. She has her fair share of problems, but every puppy does at 6 months old, and I couldn't be happier to give a dog a second chance when I know if we hadn't taken her in, then I'm not sure who would've. She tries to make sure what she does is okay with us. And she has a tendency to jump up on you, but again, most puppies do that. I love having her as a part of my life, even if she is a huge responsibility, because I feel like she's just like me in a lot of ways. She isn't perfect, but no puppy is. They learn just like babies do.

Another photo of Oogie, also taken by my boyfriend and posted with his permission. She likes getting attention from us even when we are walking around on the leash, showing a major need for affection just like any other living creature.

The moral of the story? If you give your heart to a rescue animal, you will find a lifelong companion who truly is grateful for your compassion because they always remember a time when they weren't fed and didn't receive love. All animals will enjoy affection, but they seem to reflect a somewhat deep desire to show you their gratitude, and not every rescue animal is defective. They are animals like any other. Living, breathing creatures who want to be loved and love in return.

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