Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Assessment Goals: Week 3

1. ONE soda for this entire week even counting my indulging for the week. (Size i.e. a can or a 20 fl. oz. bottle does not apply, and refills at a restaurant count as a second separate soda.)

2. Try to shoot for between 1300-1400 calories or less daily.

3. Try to walk more often, and faster when out at stores or going to the post office, and try to incorporate 1-2 walks this week not counting a weekly hike if possible at the nearby park.

4. Try to incorporate 1-2 30-minute walks that are designated as "exercise".

5. Try not to eat "sweets" as snacks, and replace them with yogurt, granola, or fresh fruit, unless it's the day you choose to indulge.

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