Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 13, Week 2: Take a day off to clear the "calorie conscious" mind!

Just gonna get straight to it, I felt really bad that my boyfriend's parents had been trying to get us to eat out all week with them and I had turned them down so much that I was starting to feel bad saying "I can't go there...calories...ehhhh..."
I had basically avoiding them and the conversation for the latter part of the week. They just wanted to go eat out with us at a place they liked to eat and eat together and we'd been eating apart all week. So, I put down my calorie count because the places they like to eat don't have nutritional information and grin and bear it since they were paying anyways.

Then I realized, it's a great idea to clear your "calorie conscious" brain for one day so that the next day your head can calculate things much more clearly. And, to be honest, if you've made it this far, it's nice. But try to eat somewhere at least MODERATELY healthy. I woke up two pounds heavier and my stomach and chest hurt all day from indigestion and heart burn problems. In fact, it went clear into Monday...

I ate at a place called "Whitehouse Chicken" which has awards for how delicious it's chicken is, and they must bribe legislation with it, because it really is delicious. It's soaked in grease with a side of fat. I was even thoughtful and only got a 4 piece chicken tender meal that came with THREE SIDES. They only serve chicken. It's not a bad place, but it's also in Barberton, which is notoriously NOT SAFE for those of us who are a bit alternative. I was only able to eat my sides and two chicken tenders which were more like half a breast of chicken, btw.

Anyways, I'm holding resentment against them for how crappy I've felt since that meal...

I also ate popcorn at the movie theater and surprise had a soda. But I'm not counting any of it towards my weekly because of the fact that I don't feel like I have to or am obligated to. Besides, I'm basically off soda, but the price of water at the movie theaters...well my pocket said "ouch" even though I wasn't paying. (And if I had said no to Joji's mom she would've killed me since I've been doing this all week...)

On your obligated "DAY OFF" your Food Journal looks something like this:

Day 13, Week 2
02.04.11. Saturday

Morning weigh-in: 213.4 lbs.


Bedtime weigh-in: N/A (I literally forgot because we got home so late...)


Just remember that if you eat something bad for you, it doesn't have to count, because the point is to not think about it and eat absentmindedly for a night. Don't count the sodas, or the calories, or the amount of steps you took. Just let the head clear the calorie conscious cobwebs and enjoy. If you eat badly, then you do...scold yourself tomorrow. (If not, your digestion surely will.) Be sure that you note to yourself if you have little self-control or a lot of self-control. I just let it go because of peer pressure, but I won't be peer-pressured anymore after what I felt like the following night, morning, and Monday for that matter.

And more importantly: Let yourself indulge. Just don't eat three containers of Ben & Jerry's or you'll see it on your next day's weigh-in. ^_~


  1. So ever since Joji linked to your blog on his Facebook, I've been keeping up with your posts. It's actually inspired me to do something similar! I don't have a lot of weight to loose, my goal is ten pounds and then maintaining. Your blog has really helped me to keep motivated with the calorie counting, it's amazing how overboard one can go when not paying attention to them!

    Anyway, having a once a week break from calorie counting seems like a good can get tedious after doing it so many days in a row.

  2. That's wonderful to hear! I'm glad you are working toward a goal and that my blog is helping you! <3

    Having a break from calorie counting doesn't only help the clear the mind, it also has been proven in several studies to helping promote a faster metabolism by throwing it off from your daily routine. ^^ I wish you all the luck with your 10 pounds!