Monday, April 4, 2011

Why is it that since I've gotten a blog and found some sort of spare purpose I am SO BUSY?!

I don't even know where to begin on this post...but again I find myself stacked with shit to do all the time. I'm not even sure. I recently have been busy sculpting for CSC almost all the time, and when I'm not busy with that, I'm "Spring Cleaning". In between this I am trying to make space and time for friends and more important for outings with my boyfriend and his parents. This past Saturday I took a day off from calorie counting to spend time with the boyfriend and his parents for the first time in forever. We went to dinner at this great little place they like to eat called "Whitehouse Chicken". I'm not really big into the food there since it's drenched in calories and soaked in fat. (Everything is fried...) But, I feel bad because they had been asking to go out all week and it was week 2 of my diet. I put my calorie conscious head aside and went to eat with them. After wards I felt pretty crappy, but we decided to go to a movie after visiting my boyfriend's "sister" in the hospital. (She's not biologically his sister and not a half-sister either. I'm not sure how to explain it.)

Anyways, we went to see "Rango" finally. It was a GREAT comedy. I highly suggest it, even if it's a kid movie, if you enjoy comedies or Johnny Depp in general. All the way home, his mom and dad kept making jokes from the movie, which was even funnier than seeing the movie.

The next day, our friend Leah came over because Joji needed a haircut and she wanted dreads installed. So we all sat down and she cut his hair before we started re-sealing her dreads for installation. Then as we started to seal the second half of them the power went out, and we realized we had blown a fuse. (Before this we blew our power strip trying to run two steamers in the same room, and gave up on that.) Leah and I thought it was kind of weird since we always seal dreads in that room and used the steamer for 4 hours sealing dreads last time she was over. We all decided it was a sign, and Leah needed to get home to get to school/work in the morning. Since she had Tuesday off we decided she'd seal the second half at home and she'd come over Monday night and stay the night so I could install and whatnot.

Well, I woke up today to find out that weather was terrible here and in Cleveland where Leah lives. It was so bad it kept me awake so I didn't get that much sleep anyways. So, I contacted her to find out she barely made it home in her car due to wind conditions and we had to hold off until tomorrow.

The weather was horrible all day...I literally slept it away from feeling so crappy and trying to get a wink of sleep in between thunder claps outside the window...

So tomorrow, Leah is supposed to come over so I can install dreads and we can just chill the rest of the day. (It's a full head installation so it'll take PLENTY of time.)

Anyhow, between all this, I'm trying to keep things clean and whatnot and I feel very bombarded lately. I haven't really been taking care of myself and I feel really shitty about it. I haven't teased my hair, or even washed it thanks to having a little bit of dye left. I don't just seems like I keep letting my blog go and everything.

To sum up my post, I'm going to put up my Food Journals from the past two days and then I'm going to quit procrastinating even though I feel so worn out and exhausted constantly lately, especially at the end of the day when it's time to blog my Food Journal.

I hope everyone is still reading my blog, and I'm sorry for the delays. <3

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