Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Goal Assessment: End of Week 4/Beginning of Week 5

Due to a lack of willpower, I seemed to have failed a lot of my goals, mainly my junk food goal, my soda goal, and my calorie goal. I had 7 junk foods, 4 sodas, and exceeded my calorie goal 4 days this week. I did, however, assign specific days to exercise, but not times as I have different schedules almost every single day. My days for exercising are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as of right now. I have been Food Journaling for almost a month now, but dieting for about 3 weeks, and due to my lack of willpower this past week, I did not lose very much during this last week, even though I have been implementing exercise into my schedule during periods of time that I'm more likely to snack Though this is a set back, it is okay to make mistakes when learning nutrition and going through a major change in your diet whilst trying to lose a large amount of weight. I will use the same goals again this week, and put forth more effort to hold to my goals so that I can see results.

Goals for Week 5:

1. I will slowly reduce the amount of junk food (i.e. chips, candy, etc.) I eat by limiting myself to 3 junk foods of any size or kind (as long as they do not exceed my calorie intake goals) during this entire week, 2 junk foods for the entire following week, and 1 junk food for every week after until I lose the weight I need to.

2. I will keep track of my soda intake, allowing myself only 1 soda a week of any size as to not affect my calorie count.

3. I will opt to walk whenever possible.

4. I will continue to try to exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

5. I will limit my calorie intake to 1,400 calories daily.

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