Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 19, Week 3: It's okay if you fail at your week goals, you can try again next week!

Friday was a rushed weird day. I'm not sure what was up with me, but my mood was progressively getting worse because my things to do are piling up and my patience was dwindling for dealing with procrastination and sheer stupidity of people. (I've noticed that as it gets warmer people start to come out more where we live, but they also interact like the douchebags they are since they haven't gotten to poke fun at anyone in such a long, long time.) Anyhow, not much more droning for me, onto my Food Journal:

Day 19, Week 3
08.04.11. Friday

1:00 AM Snack
♥ 1 lemon bar (160 calories)
♥ 8 fl. oz. of Smith's Vitamin D milk (150 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 310

Morning weigh-in: 213.4 lbs.

6:00 PM Making dinner
♥ 8 fl. oz. of Tropicana's "Berry Punch" (120 calories)

Calorie subtotal: 430

7:30 PM Dinner
♥ 8 fl. oz. of Tropicana's "Berry Punch" (120 calories)
♥ 1/2 cup of Idahoan instant "Four Cheese" mashed potatoes (150 calories)
♥ about 2 tbsp. of Green Giant's "Niblets" canned corn (about 60 calories give or take)
♥ about 4 oz. of boneless, skinless Perdue chicken breast seasoned w/ water and 0 calorie chicken rub/seasoning (about 175 calories)
♥ 1 cornbread muffin by Jiffy (160 calories)

This was absolutely delicious! And for some reason, I know it looks like very little chicken, I was really full. You don't need a ton of food to be full.

Calorie subtotal: 1095

10:50 PM Snack
♥ 2 lemon bars (320 calories)
♥ 2 cups of 8 fl. oz. Reiter's whole milk (300 calories)

Calorie total: 1710
Bedtime weigh-in: 215.8 lbs.

NOTES: I didn't stay beneath my calorie intake daily goal for this week, but I'm pretty sure I burned my calories cooking & doing dishes. I also didn't exercise as I couldn't find time, but I was busy cleaning and house work burns calories, even if it isn't as many. I surely burned off what I ate for the day.

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