Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy, again. What's new? And changing my schedule slightly.

My life seems to keep getting busy to the point where I can't even find time for friends. I'm not sure I really like it, and I feel very disorganized and scatterbrained no matter what I do or try. Even when I get enough sleep, I wake up exhausted. Today, I was literally dragging around trying to do anything and forgot to Food Journal in the midst of this.

So, regardless, I think I will be Food Journaling every FOLLOWING day. As in tomorrow I'd Food Journal what I ate today. I'm so scatterbrained and I already do Food Journal the following day in the wee hours but my sleeping schedule switched on me again, and even so, I'd like to get out of this Food Journaling/blogging at the beginning of my next day.

I don't like blogging in the wee morning hours. :/ I am feeling pretty reluctant to blog at all since my weight loss isn't going as planned. So, I'll be updating my blog according to my how my weekend was, aside from today. And I owe an apology to everyone who is reading everyday and has been noticing the lack of fluid posting in my weekends. :/

Okay! Well, off to updating! <3

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